• Functional analysis and requirements gathering
    Functional analysis and requirements gathering
    Analysis of the manufacturing process and definition of the project scope by our functional team allows us to reduce adjustments and corrections in the implementation phase. Through the detailed study of the processes, the needs of integration and automation of the ERP and machines are defined. The system operates using servers, network and equipment, the selection of which is customized to your needs and ensured by the Kaizen Tech team.
  • Implementation and Project Management
    Implementation and Project Management
    Parameterization of the system according to functional requirements. The team of developers adapts the system to your needs by integrating TrakSYS with the ERP. The automation team coordinates the creation of the communication protocols between the machines and TrakSYS. The KaizenTech team follows the entire process and will start training your teams ensuring the proper use of TrakSYS. The team applies the Kaizen methodology in the agile management of all projects, ensuring effective and fast results.
  • Support
    Support in the progression and development of your organization's needs, through the creation of new production areas, machines, process changes or the creation of new dashboards that can be quickly requested and implemented.
  • Evolution of the system
    Evolution of the system
    After the implementation of the system, it is essential to ensure that it is up to date. To this end, new features and versions of TrakSYS will be made available by our partner Parsec. The development team is prepared to ensure the necessary adaptations that respond to this evolution, ensuring the constant updating of the service.

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