Production Management at Jack Daniel's
A TrakSYS™ Case Study

"Before TrakSYS, the best way to describe how we work was a balance between science and feeling."
Operations Manager

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's has been distilling and bottling Whiskey for over 100 years, with a continuously growing demand, and so the need arose to transform bottling methods that were historically reliable. Working with Parsec partner EOSYS System Integrators (EOSYS), Jack Daniel's bottling team set out to identify a manufacturing operations management (MOM) platform that would provide them with the scalability and flexibility needed to enable the organization's growth.


Disparate information in different systems
Lack of real-time communication
Lack of KPIs
Minimal visibility of individual line performance and quality
Need to implement a system without production disruption
Need to implement a system that could be easily adopted and used by operators


Reduce the downtime of bottling lines
Reduce administrative work and bureaucracy
Automate data retrieval
Have access to real-time, reliable and transparent KPIs
Enable real-time communication with trusted data
Comply with QMS Compliance requirements

The solution

TrakSYS became Jack Daniel’s system of record for measuring the OEE of its seven production lines. Custom features such as multi-hit recognition and notification broadcasting using TrakSYS tools have been implemented to expand existing functionality. With the recognition of multiple occurrences, operators were able to group occurrences based on a few configurable variables, and enter the reasons for stopping many of them simultaneously.

All documented in-line inspections have been migrated to TrakSYS, which allows for more streamlined reporting as well as better quality assurance. Tasks that require a specific completion frequency have been configured to be automatically triggered. The notification broadcast feature allows management to send messages to all bottling lines, or to individual lines. Teams use “cockpit pages”, which require confirmation, thus ensuring that the majority of employees see the relevant notes.

The processing is shown through control panels at the top of each line, which has proven valuable for disseminating sensitive information at the same time throughout the site. Line operators were involved throughout the design process to promote adoption and agility of use. During the design phase, strategic team leaders provided feedback on how TrakSYS may have been adding work to operators. This proved to be critical as team leaders trained operators to use TrakSYS. With their initial feedback already included as part of the implementation, user adoption of the system was very successful in the rollout to the other lines.


  • 2.5% reduction in downtime on bottling lines
  • Reduction of administrative work and bureaucracy
  • Access to real-time data that informs and enables quick communication between employees and departments
  • Access to real-time KPIs
  • QMS compliance standards exceeded

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