Baking Beans:
A TrakSYS™ Production Management Success Story at Bush Brothers & Company

"Prior to TrakSYS, we had our own software solution, which demonstrated to us that there would be benefits if we relied on a software solution to help record downtimes"
Operations Manager

Bush Brother's & Co

The Bush family company was established more than 100 years ago in Tennessee. Being a canning company, they mainly focused on canned fruits and vegetables to meet the market demand in the 1920s. In 1952, everything changed when the company began producing "ready-to-serve" products. With the development of the Bush family's secret recipe, the Bush brothers quickly became the largest supplier of canned beans in the world. With an annual production of more than 25 million kg of beans, Bush Brothers needed to find a way to optimize its operation to meet growing customer demand. Working with Parsec, the Bush Brothers set out to implement a TrakSYS solution that would help them overcome this challenge.


Paper-based operations
Disparate implementations
Lack of real-time data
Minimal visibility into the root causes of production losses


Monitor equipment downtime
Limit process variability
Create electronic records
Increase quality
Increase HACCP compliance
Digitize task management
Provide real-time equipment performance indicators
Help implement Kaizen principles
Optimize the use of existing equipment
Enable predictive maintenance

A solução

In designing their TrakSYS solution, Bush Brothers and Parsec determined that a phased rollout, with the goal of rolling out plant-wide TrakSYS solutions, would be the best approach. The integrated architecture would provide unprecedented real-time visibility, covering all of your production processes. In the grand plan, TrakSYS would integrate with the existing ERP system (for planning and scheduling), the SCADA system (for production data), and plant history (to monitor SPC). Operator workstations would also be strategically positioned to promote agility and engagement.


  • Increased quality to 96.2%
  • Savings of around €350,000 for each percentage point of OEE improvement
  • 2.2 million new packages produced per year
  • Achieve a planned production of 97.9% vs. actual production
  • Increase production efficiency to more than 86%
  • Increased order deadline fulfillment to 99.7%
  • Maximizing the use of existing equipment
  • Meet production targets with 27 fewer shifts
  • ROI of less than a year

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