Increase capacity without additional capital investment

"TrakSYS™ is used daily by most plant operators to better understand productivity. TrakSYS™ is a critical business application for our plant, as we would not be able to maintain our continuous improvement goals and objectives without it."
Senior Manager Controls and Automation

AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies with operations in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in London and with facilities around the world, AstraZeneca had limited visibility into the real-time performance of its operations. In this way, AstraZeneca's "Lean Operations" are focused on improving flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs, improving quality, reducing variability and waste; to operate a more profitable supply chain. As part of this initiative, AstraZeneca turned to Parsec to implement its TrakSYS™ solution.


Apply DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) principles
Accuracy and reliability of manufacturing data used in the improvement system
Engage, empower and inspire for greater involvement in the performance improvement process
Maintain the highest product quality while significantly reducing production costs
Wide variability in the production time required for products
Compliance with sequencing


Automating OEE data collection and reporting in the areas of formulation and packaging
Identification of the root causes of equipment downtime
Promoting the involvement of operators in the improvement process
Improved availability of the water supply system as a pilot to quantify the benefits that could be achieved through accurate information on system performance, ozone cycle times and alarms

A solução

The TrackSYS Solution Approach

TrakSYS™ delivered through ACE (Applied Control Engineering) not only had to provide real-time information with reliable accuracy, but also had to provide the necessary functionalities to facilitate AstraZeneca’s journey.

TrackSYS Solution Architecture

The full implementation included:

Tablet compounding and compression areas and coating machines

Packaging lines, including blisters, bottles, jars, and manual packaging operations

Utilities – USP Purified Water System

In accordance with the site’s IT standards, TrakSYS™ was implemented as a central application server with OPC connection to the SCADA system and the SENSORTrak™ data collection systems via Ethernet LAN

SENSORTrak™ high-speed data collection systems, connected via Ethernet LAN, capture and extract data from various production systems

25 interface points with the EVENTTrak™ operator have been placed throughout the facility to allow interaction with the systems (e.g. view information, reports, enter notes, categorize
occurrences, etc.)

70 simultaneous users in operations and production

Integration with SAP/MII for visualization of KPIs on LCDs on the shop floor

Workstations for users of all production and performance information via standard browser technology


  • With the help of TrakSYS, OEE improved from 10% to 40% across all lines, using the simple TrakSYS™™ user interface model
  • In the first year, OEE on a bottle line was improved by 10% by adding one million bottles per year to capacity, with no additional capital investment.
  • OEE has typically seen a 10% to 40% improvement across multiple lines in areas where TrakSYS™ has been deployed.
  • Operators motivated by being able to see production efficiency in real time and make a noticeable contribution to improvements during the production process.
  • Simplified and improved status of facility performance and real-time reporting.

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