Creating Colour
A case of production management in TrakSYS™ at AkzoNobel

"TrakSYS is an effective tool that allows you to quickly identify the root causes of production issues. It has enabled our Lean team to systematically eliminate production bottlenecks. In fact, for some of our critical systems, we anticipate doubling our production capacity. This has allowed us to reduce overtime and respond to the increased demand with fewer shifts."
Rock Unit Manager

AkzoNobel specializes in the art of making paints and coatings, establishing itself as a benchmark in color and protection since 1792. Its portfolio of world-renowned brands — including Dulux, International, Sikkens, and Interpon — has earned the trust of customers around the world.


Establish a sustainable Lean culture
Enable the creation of specific Dashboards for the user to monitor electronic batch records (EBRs)
Increase process efficiency by eliminating production bottlenecks
Reduce losses and increase the performance of the filling area
Ensure accurate information in real time to facilitate decision-making
Increase operator engagement
Follow all phases of production
Manage bill of materials (BOM), and material consumption, at all stages of production
Implement SOPs
Manage work-in-progress (WIP) and production queues
Control the allocation of storage bins
Manage the performance of filling lines (OEE)
Use mobile data collection systems in various areas of production
Readily access real-time information

The solution

For AkzoNobel, it was important that TrakSYS helped maximize the effectiveness of its equipment. Given the ease of integration with existing systems, a TrakSYS solution was designed that is compatible with the installed SAP ERP system. Once this connection is established, AkzoNobel could (among other functions) download SAP orders, production sequences, required materials, work instructions, planning and production orders, as well as other relevant reports.

Key features of TrakSYS

– Planning and sequencing
– Material management
– Inventory management
– Performance management
– Traceability and genealogy
– Workforce management
– Workflow
– Production management


  • Increase from 16% in the OTD of the finished product
  • Reduction errors in the production process
  • ImprovementScheduling and production planning
  • Reduction of overtime and subcontracted labour costs
  • Production planning Improved through the integration of TrakSYS and SAP
  • Visibility into the root causes of production bottlenecks
  • Employee buy-in thanks to culturally aligned technology
  • Developing a culture of continuous improvement

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