Do you need to decide whether to purchase new production equipment to meet an increase in demand?

Kaizen Tech helps you calculate the OEE of your equipment and identify the main causes of efficiency losses. In this way, you will be able to optimize your equipment.

Can you quickly adjust your production plan in the face of unforeseen events and changes in your company?

Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution allows you to create scenarios automatically so that you can optimise your production.

Is the energy consumption of the equipment as expected and adjusted to the production performed?

Kaizen Tech helps you measure the energy consumption of the equipment and contextualizes it with the productions carried out.

Do you have visibility of the status and key indicators of the equipment at this very moment?

Kaizen Tech gives you real-time visibility into key production indicators. E.g.: OEE, defects or non-conformities.

Are the materials consumed being used in the quantities and in the processes planned?

Our Inventory Management and Traceability solution allows you to know, in real time, the consumption of the different work orders being executed in your factory. In addition, you will be able to track the materials throughout the production process, knowing their current location at all times.

Do you know when your equipment will stop due to a malfunction?

Kaizen Tech develops monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions that allow you to predict when and why your equipment will fail.

Is the information collected on the shop floor presented in a structured way that is easy to understand?

Kaizen Tech develops Reports and Dashboards in response to its clients' needs, transforming data into management information.

Do you want to digitally evolve your company, focusing your resources on the processes that will bring you the greatest return?

Kaizen Tech is a technology consultancy that assists its industrial customers on the path of digital transition to industry 4.0

The industry is under constant pressure to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. 

At Kaizen Tech we digitize your operation, devising creative and innovative solutions to some of the industry's most challenging and complex problems. We transform your business through insights powered by data integration, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. React, in real time, to deviations from the objectives that occurred in your operation.

Roadmap for the digital transition
Roadmap for the digital transition
We analyze the solutions that bring the greatest return to your business and prioritize their implementation. This way your investment and return are guaranteed.
Digitalization of Operations
Digitalization of Operations
Designing creative and innovative solutions to some of the most challenging and complex problems. We select the most suitable way to communicate with your industrial equipment. We connect this equipment and the different information systems, so that you can fully enjoy the potential of an MES/MOM system.
Business Optimization
Business Optimization
Through insights powered by data integration and analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.


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